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Roland Marais has always had a passion to craft with his hands.
Through the years he developed an exceptional ability to focus on
the minutest details, knowing that it is the only method to get close
to perfection.

It is this perfection that is needed to produce a
pitch-perfect musical instrument of the highest
quality. Of course, it is necessary to know
the musical history and tradition behind
its production. It is essential, however,
to have an intimate knowledge of the
unique character of wood.

Spruce and maple woods are
normally used, due to its
workability. It is a bigger
challenge using hard woods, as
the work is much more intricate
and specialised tools are needed.
Roland is aiming to create an
instrument made entirely from
rare, indigenous hard woods, such
as yellow wood, stink wood and
black wood.

If you want to own such a
singularly unique work of art,
you can commission Roland to
produce one for you according
to your preference of wood,
colouring and texture.


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