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Roland Marais is a craftsman of exquisite classical musical instruments, hand-carved from solid, indigenous woods.

There are a few people in South Africa making violins, less making cello’s and nobody making the contra-bass, the largest of the stringed instruments. There are a number of people doing instrument repairs, which is rewarding in itself, but hardly provides the satisfaction and pleasure of creating a new instrument from scratch.

These instruments are carved from solid woods and one of Roland’s masterpieces is a contra-bass that is made from very rare imbuya, with beautiful flames and exquisite sound projection. This instrument is valued between  US$ 10 000 - 20,000.

Roland Marais is a member of The Guild of South African Luthiers.

Roland Marais
Roland Marais
Every step in making such an instrument is a creative challenge – from choosing the “tone woods” prized for the brilliant sounds they produce to the various finishes needed to create this piece of functional art.

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